• First Aid/CPR Level C (Standard & Emergency Level)
  • First Aid/CPR in Childcare Level C
  • Health Care Provider (HCP)
  • BC Approved First Aid Add-on
  • First Aid Recertification
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillation)
  • H2S Alive
  • Ground Disturbance (Global Certification)
  • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)
  • TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)
  • Boat License Exam
  • Canadian Firearms Course
  • PST (Petroleum Safety Training)
  • Canadian Food Safety
  • ****Flagger Training****

Course Descriptions

First Aid / CPR Courses - Are all provided by certified instructors by Canadian Red Cross.
Courses are taught according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Emergency First Aid Level C CPR

This course is a one day class that provides basic training for immediate life threatening injuries, illness, and CPR. Occupational Health and Safety Approved Course Certificate valid for three years

Standard First Aid with Level C CPR

This course is a two days class that provides the maximum level of CPR training and teaches the skills needed to recognize and provide help for life threatening injuries and illness. This is the most popular course as it incorporates adult, child and infant first aid knowledge. Occupational Health and Safety Approved Course Certificate valid for three years

First Aid in Childcare Level C CPR

This course is a two day class that specifically concentrates on first aid for children. Provides skills needed to recognize and provide help for life threatening injuries, illness and CPR/AR emergencies common in children. Required by Alberta Daycare/Day home licensing Certificate valid for three years.

First Aid Recertification

This is a one day course that allows certification for those that have a current ticket that has not expired. It provides a full day of skill testing and allows for an additional three years of certification. Certificates may only be recertified once in between the Standard First Aid two day course. Recertification must take place before the original course expires.

AED (Automated external defibrillation)

This is a four hour course designed to educate and inform about the uses and application of an AED device Minimum age of 16 years Pre-requisites of CPR Level A for industrial workplace and Level C for all others.


H2S Alive

This is a one day course that deals with the hazards of hydrogen sulphide under the administration of the ENFORM. Classroom time used for initial response strategy, use of respiratory protective equipment (SCBA & SABA), detection of H2S, rescue techniques & rescue breathing and review of case studies. Certification valid for three years.

Ground Disturbance Level 2 (Global Certification)

This is a one day course that deals with the requirements and precautions needed for any work operation or activity on or under the existing surface.
DEFINITION: Act: Part1(1): ‘ground disturbance’ means any work or activity that results in a disturbance of the earth, including excavating, digging, trenching, plowing, drilling, tunneling, auguring, backfilling, blasting, topsoil stripping, land leveling, peat removing, quarrying, clearing & grating. Certificate valid for three years.

TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

This is a four hour course that deals with the regulations to protect the public and workers from hazardous spills or leaks. Provides a system of information that describes the use of shipping documents, packaging protocols, use of labels and markers, and emergency response procedures. This course meets the Department of Transportation Requirements. Certificate valid for three years.

WHMIS (Workplace hazardous Materials Information System)

This is a four hour course that deals with the regulations and education of hazardous workplace materials. Provides information and training to understand hazardous identification, product classification, labeling, and material safety data sheets. The course will be designed around the students in the classroom to make it site specific. Certificate valid for three ( although many companies require and issue certificates for their specific jobsites).


Big Eagle Hydrovac Big Eagle Services uses Safety Starts Here Inc for all our First Aid and Safety Certifications in the Camrose area. Tonya's professional and inspirational courses are an integral piece in building and maintaining Big Eagle's safe working atmosphere. If you strive for a safe working atmosphere as we do at Big Eagle Services, hiring Safety Training Starts Here Inc. as your safety specialist is a step in the right direction.

Big Eagle Hydro-Vac & Nitrogen Services

Absolutely the best instructor I have come across in my days. Tonya and her staff love their job and it is quite evident in the class room. You stay awake, laugh a little and actually learn what you went there for ! Tonya and her staff are interesting, knowledgeable, and basically good ole country girls and guys that get the job done !

Try Safety Starts Here Inc. just once, I know you won't be sorry and you probably won't shop anywhere else.

Sheila Kempen Office Manager Woodsy Enterprises